About Me


Hello, I am a 49yrs old black lesbian I am also the Author and Creator of “Inside The life Of A Black Lesbian”& “KimGraham.co” I love to write about my life experiences. My Mission is to help other in their journey to Self-Discovery Through blogging. I also love to shop online for bargains, discounts, and useful information. this is where my other blog comes in at “KimGraham.co” On this blog Some of my interest include Fashion, Wigs, Makeup and finding new ways to improve my blogs. I love just about anything that is not costly. . If obtaining useful information is what brought you to this Blog ( Welcome) I am not an expert, I am just a big fan of sharing my tips and tricks that I have learned over the years through trial and errors. So don’t just stare follow along and enjoy my Journey.

Have a question or need help with any of the information posted. Just leave a comment or contact me via email